Add unofficial package

I want to get a package hosted on Github and install it on OpenWrt. What should I do?

If it is your own package, host it in your GitHub fork, compile .ipk and let others to download it for installation with opkg.

Otherwise, if it is somebody's compiled package, just download the .ipk with wget from GitHub and use opkg to install it.

If it is only sources, you could maybe add that fork as a custom feed to your build environment. (Or simply download the sources from GitHub and add those to your own local packages feed repo.)

In addition to the above, keep in mind that libraries are usually shared so you need to keep everything in sync.

The package is not mine and I want to add it to the sources to compile.

Then just follow my last advice item.

I added src-link package /home/franco/openwrt/package in feeds.conf.default and shows Syntax error in feeds.conf.default, line: 10

You need to git clone the github source in your package directory. What is the link to the github? The Makefile, if it is in the OpenWRT format, will have the src link for the Make system to download, extract and build when you compile.

If it isn't a OpenWrt package format, you'll need to make the Makefile for it so it know what the deps are, where it goes, how to install it, etc.

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Is this package.

That isn't a package, that is a stub source as part of the entire OpenMPTCPRouter Project.

In theory, I guess you could cherry-pick the parts, but there is no telling what interdependencies are needed throughout the rest of that package, especially since what you linked is only the luCI interface and not the actual application.

I'm going to guess you want to do a network test. You'd be better off just installing the speedtest app. You can find the script if you search for it (although it requires Python also be installed), and I know it's an option in the build but I'm not in front of my build-box at the moment to track it down for you.

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Have you ever got it to work? I have the same issue and I would like to install it into my openwrt.

Hi, are you able to share how to do it in details? This is the link for the plug-in I want to install into my openwrt but I have no idea how to proceed.


Assuming that the code works as-is, sure..

git clone outside of your OpenWrt root, because that repo needs to be adjusted..

Inside the helloworld directory, move luci-app-ssr-plus directory to ./feeds/luci/applications in your OpenWrt directory. Move naiveproxy and tcping directories to ./feeds/packages/net

From the Openwrt root, ./scripts/feeds update -i to force a re-index and a ./scripts/feeds install -a -f to install the packages in ./package where the build system can see it.

You should be able to select it from make menuconfig at this point.

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this is great. thank you!

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I never tried :smile::smile::smile: