Add support for Xiaomi Redmi Ax5400 (white version)


Released: March/22 (Only on China) RMB 399 (US$ 63 / Rs. 4,770 / BRL 350,00 approx.)
Code: RA74

-1GHz dual-core Qualcomm IPQ5018 SoC+ 1GHz NPU
-512 Mb RAM/128 Mb ROM
-3 10/100/1000M auto-adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI/MDIX) , 1x 10/100 / 1000M adaptive WAN port (Auto MDI / MDIX)

Looks like it has the same BASE hardware of the Xiaomi Ax5400 Gamer, with the exception of 2.5g lan port.

I think a very cost effective Router with a decent hardware, by now, looking at exploits, infos, and maybe we build a snapshot rom for it.

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There's currently no Linux kernel support for IPQ5xxx.

Search for IPQ5018 here at the forum, if you want additional info.


Thank you! I will do that.

Can you tell me whats the problem with this SoC? Proprietary drivers? This soc isnt too new, its on market since q4/2020.

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no one (Qualcomm, I guess) have added the SoC support to the Linux kernel.


Hi. Please, add support of this model

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Please, ask Qualcomm.


I can work on the porting of IPQ5018 to ATH11K. is there an exploit working for this model?

Yes, look at Xiaomi Ax9000, that exploit seems to work on this device too.
Please give a try:

I don't have an AX5400.
I am certain that this exploit does not work on all models. If somebody here can check, I might get one

I can try only in a few weeks, i'm working on a x86/nuc custom project now
But its almost certain it's almost the same hardware of Xiaomi AX6000

the exploit has nothing to do with hardware, so if they are using a newer version of qsdk, it might not work

I am also using Xiaomi Redmi Ax5400 so I hope Openwrt can support it


Today, I tested de Wifi Exploit for RA72/RA70, and other soft exploits from similar routers.
None of them worked.

I told you so!

The only way to exploit this router at this moment is by using a spi programmer

Keep it up guys I'm looking forward to hearing from you that OpenWrt can support it

Linux kernel has added support for IPQ5018 since 21-Feb-2023

we are looking forward to hearing news from the developer to support into snapshot version soon.

Incorrect, everything but the most basic SOC support is missing (and even that is incomplete, to phrase it politely). Even your paste shows it, look at the fine distinction, "IPQ5018 support" is (only) under the ath11k header, so yes, ath11k (may) now (partially) support IPQ5018, but you still won't be able to (just) boot mainline linux on an IPQ50xx SOC (let alone ethernet and switch support).


as already answered by @slh, you will have to keep looking ...

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Have you got any solution yet?

It will need a while to get official support from Linux kernel. I saw the components have supported from somewhere but look like they need time to combine in next release.
Then it will need a while for openwrt to work on this. so far there is no one working on this topic.

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