Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router

Hello @hurjup, I was able to gain SSH access in AX5/AX1800/RA67 with 3.0.34 global stock Xoaimi's firmware using another Openwrt router and the following guide:

Do you have another router with Openwrt installed? This way is the easiest one I found to achieve that goal...

Hi, Can you take a backup of the flash partitions and post somewhere? I'd like to run the international version of the firmware but there is no firmware download available yet for 3.0.34 version :confused:

That is not the Mi Router AX1800. It's a custom-made model CR6608 for China Mobile (a Chinese ISP).

That model is supported by OpenWrt:

(It is MediaTek btw... AX1800 is Qualcomm lol)

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How could I do that backup?

updated the wiki entry slightly (added some info concerning the confusion between rm1800/ra67. added the oem bootlog from my EU region ra67 ax1800) and fixed the wrong information pointed out by @medeyusa.

If someone is not happy with this let me know, first time editing the wiki :wink:


Could someone back up his int/global firmware?
I can't find it anywhere… Ty!

I have that firmware. How could I backup that?

Download busybox for arm(this might work and put it somewhere on the router, then on your computer run

nc -l 1234 > mtd1

then on the router

./busybox dd if=/dev/mtd1 | ./busybox nc <your computer ip> 1234

Do this for each mtd device in /dev/mtd*, some might fail because they're in use but as far as I can remember, the important ones are dumpable. You can get the real partition name of each device by running

cat /proc/mtd

Please help me! Does anyone have full backup of redmi ax5/ax1800 bootloader or mtd dump, I need to flash back stock firmware due to my ax5 bricked :(((

Does anyone know if there will ever be a OpenWRT support for the xiaomi ax1800 router?
I have 3 but will change them out for something better if not :slight_smile:

Not possible since no one is working on it right now

+1 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67)

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+2 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67).


+3 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67).

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Guys, you may upvote as much as you want, but the 256MB of RAM really isn't worth somebody's time to get this running.
Even QCA has had a hell of a time getting ath11k to work at all with that much RAM


@robimarko how stock firmware (based on OpenWRT) is work on this device? If it takes more time please forget about this => devices and save your time. Thanks for your contribution.

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Well, that is the keyword here "based on OpenWrt", because all they are doing is using an old OpenWrt release for its build system and some basic packages and then adding a 4.4.60 based kernel which is so modified that it basically lost any resemblance of 4.4.x, and then they start including the various switch and ethernet driver hackery they have.

Does that look like OpenWrt, if so then every vendor SDK that uses OpenWrt is somehow supposed to work on the upstream OpenWrt without any effort

I'm wondering if we can at least build a qsdk based firmware for this router if not openwrt? I've see some source trees for ipq60xx (like this

Feel free to try but that tree is just hacked together to kind of work but not fully