Add support for Xiaomi AX1800 Wifi 6 router

I'm not sure, I have no experience with ath11k and very little experience with wifi drivers in general. That said, if a driver needs more than 256MB of RAM that sounds like a driver problem to me (GPU drivers possibly being the exception).

How do I will change my Redmi ax5 router region. My router current firmware version is 1.0.44 I badly need to change my router current region. Help please.

Hello everyone and thank you for all your support with this stuff. I gained SSH access with 3.0.34 global firmware an I would want to know two things:

  1. How could I enable the highest numer of WiFi channels in 5 GHz? I tried CN country code and wifi code and another combinations like EU but the channels between 100 and 144 are missed.
  2. How could I reach the highest persistent (it stays after router's reboot) WiFi TX power in 2,4 and 5 GHz? I tried some combinations/mixes but the most I got was 23 dB in 2,4 GHz and 20 dB in 5GHz and as I read before the maximum is 28 dB for 2,4 GHz and 26 dB for 5 Ghz...
    Thank you in advance!

"Xiaomi hasn't released the global firmware for AX1800 yet. And there is a confusion because Xiaomi rebranded the Redmi AX5 and released it as Global AX1800 router. So we aren't sure which is which now."
Orginal (CN):

Just a quick one. I'm on 3.0.34 and did the steps of Xiaomi ax3600 ssh guide with resulting code:0 -s. Still I didn't get ssh access this time.
Is there anything I've missed? Thank you...

Hello @hurjup, I was able to gain SSH access in AX5/AX1800/RA67 with 3.0.34 global stock Xoaimi's firmware using another Openwrt router and the following guide:

Do you have another router with Openwrt installed? This way is the easiest one I found to achieve that goal...

Hi, Can you take a backup of the flash partitions and post somewhere? I'd like to run the international version of the firmware but there is no firmware download available yet for 3.0.34 version :confused:

That is not the Mi Router AX1800. It's a custom-made model CR6608 for China Mobile (a Chinese ISP).

That model is supported by OpenWrt:

(It is MediaTek btw... AX1800 is Qualcomm lol)

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How could I do that backup?

updated the wiki entry slightly (added some info concerning the confusion between rm1800/ra67. added the oem bootlog from my EU region ra67 ax1800) and fixed the wrong information pointed out by @medeyusa.

If someone is not happy with this let me know, first time editing the wiki :wink:


Could someone back up his int/global firmware?
I can't find it anywhere… Ty!

I have that firmware. How could I backup that?

Download busybox for arm(this might work and put it somewhere on the router, then on your computer run

nc -l 1234 > mtd1

then on the router

./busybox dd if=/dev/mtd1 | ./busybox nc <your computer ip> 1234

Do this for each mtd device in /dev/mtd*, some might fail because they're in use but as far as I can remember, the important ones are dumpable. You can get the real partition name of each device by running

cat /proc/mtd

Please help me! Does anyone have full backup of redmi ax5/ax1800 bootloader or mtd dump, I need to flash back stock firmware due to my ax5 bricked :(((

Does anyone know if there will ever be a OpenWRT support for the xiaomi ax1800 router?
I have 3 but will change them out for something better if not :slight_smile:

Not possible since no one is working on it right now

+1 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67)

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+2 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67).


+3 to add OpenWRT support for Xiaomi AX1800 (AX5/RA67).

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Guys, you may upvote as much as you want, but the 256MB of RAM really isn't worth somebody's time to get this running.
Even QCA has had a hell of a time getting ath11k to work at all with that much RAM

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