Add support for V2801RGW

I provide you the firmware:
I search freelance (paid) support RTL9602C on this device. I need GPON, Wifi AP, IPv4 NAT, IPv6 route + DHCP prefix delegation client support.

If I understand correctly, you'd have to fund development/integration/upstreaming of

  • a Lexra compile target support for modern GCC and friends
  • a port of the current mainline Linux kernel to Lexra using that GCC

And only then will Openwrt devs accepts Pull requests for:

  • generic SOC support for Lexra CPUs in Openwrt

How many Zeros does your budget have?

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Yes, all will depand of the cost, but I have 200 ONU GPON to save. Then 3500USD for this group is well, maybe more with the next ONU group buy