Add support for TP-LINK AX23 V1

come on, look here! some detail about AX23

thank for reposting what was posted mid '22 already.

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How does that change what I wrote? FCC pictures are no straight path to support. If only it was that easy.

Like I said above MR70X can be base to support AX23 . PR #12104 add support for Mercusys MR70X)
here are tplink safeloader ID's i found in ax23 OEM firmware

"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:45550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX1800,product_ver:1.20,special_id:45550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:4A500000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:4A500000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:4B520000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:4B520000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:52550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX1800,product_ver:1.20,special_id:52550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:52550000}\n"

why would you add the safeloader request to the MR70X PR ?
that's not even close to being on topic ...

Since support has been added for the v1 - do we have any info on the differences to the v1.20 and whether those would prevent usage as of now/warrant adding of support seperately?

in the case of tp-link, minor rev changes usually still use the same hw, and fw.

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Has anyone gotten it to work on AX23 v1? I've been trying to install 22.03.4 on mine but it's not working. Using recovery mode, I upload the factory image and once the progress bar hits 100% the page just quickly refreshes the recovery UI and nothing happens

That's not what the git commit tell you to do, as the primary method of installation.

Looking at the commit I did initially try to install just using the Web UI, but I get Invalid file type error.

interesting part is, there's no factory image for the ax23, only initramfs and sysupgrade, in

Hey, I had the same issue, and reached out to @blocktrron and he was able to help me resolve the issue, and push a fix upstream (fix1 and fix2). The issue was some missing entries for non-EU versions of the router. Wait for this patch to build into SNAPSHOT, and the "-factory" image should work. If you're impatient like me, you can also try building OpenWrt yourself. You can track build progress here I believe:


This commit should fix the factory image not generating.

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Thnx for the heads up, I've added a tech page, it'll now pop up in the list of supported devices ...


Working now with the latest SNAPSHOT factory image. Thanks for the help

I'll receive a couple of those devices later this week/early next one. Already build an image and will do my standard testing/setup. I'll probably report on any issues/strange stuff I find in here.


Installed the latest snapshot on my AX23 v1.0 and everything seemed fine so far.
But now, after installing some packages with opkg, e.g. luci and others, I have very strange problems/behaviour and I see many of these errors in the kernel log:

[   38.572495] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 286504, size 121b8
[   38.946874] jffs2: Data CRC 6e04b3c3 != calculated CRC f0b07d1e for node at 007302c8
[   39.190203] jffs2: notice: (443) read_dnode: node CRC failed on dnode at 0x779d1c: read 0x5254ee31, calculated 0x39a5ae1d
[   39.223047] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [286504]
[   39.229843] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 286504, size 121b8

Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or is it because of the current firmware?

EDIT: I flashed the factory image 22.03.4 (r20123-38ccc47687) and thought at first that everything works now. But no, here too everything is only OK until you install packages afterwards, then the errors mentioned appear again:

[   39.453528] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0-1: link becomes ready
[   67.715335] pppoe-dsl: renamed from ppp0
[  144.680487] SQUASHFS error: xz decompression failed, data probably corrupt
[  144.687510] SQUASHFS error: Failed to read block 0x2d8aaa: -5
[  144.693274] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [2d8aaa]
[  144.700335] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 2d8aaa, size 10d20
[  144.707431] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [2d8aaa]
[  144.714223] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 2d8aaa, size 10d20

The firmware should work interchangeably between v1 and v1.20?


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