Add support for Redmi AX6 AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

This is based on robimarko's source code:

has anyone tested it?
planning to buy this router, do you guys think that this will be supported in 2-3 mounths?

Hello my friends I need a lot of help please arrived my ax6 but I can't at all find the 2.4g wifi network appears in the settings plus us negative appliances.

Continuando minha Tim está no 1.1.10 tem algum arquivo com a nova ROM me ajudem por favor obrigado

how is going openwrt for this device..? anyone able to install any openwrt on our devices..?

Openwrt support for the AX6/AX3000 is developed in the AX3600 topic, as the hardware is the same. If anyone is interested, please follow the link there. You can already build working images for AX6 as well as AX3600. This topic has little relevant information...

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