Add support for Redmi AX6 AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

That's not going to be possible (until you've ported OpenWrt for yoru device properly), as any kind of VPN solution will require some kernel modules (and be it just tun/ tap for OpenVPN), if those aren't available in the OEM firmware, you'd be out of luck as they need to match the running kernel exactly.

Is there any update on porting openwrt to AX6?

maybe it‘s possible. we can install some app in XiaoMi official firmware
using XiaoMi official firmware ,we can still install some software by mounting overlay which about 20MB storage avaliable , if you can read chinese ,click
I try to translate below. Thank those who found the way,and write it.
How to Mount overlay
Mount the overlay (read and write), easy to install the openwrt software package (the one with the page should not be displayed)

Because AX6 does not need to change the partition table like ax3600, (not so much flash), there is no need to flash uboot, the risk is lower, and there is 20M of free space at your disposal.
for ax3600 if you want to use all flash storage here
i am tired to translate

But please prepare the firmware and Xiaomi router repair tools first, and do telnet curing to prevent your careless mistakes (I have careless mistakes during my test, and I repeat the operations 8 times. The reset of this machine sometimes does not seem to be able to restore the factory...)
But overall there is no risk
It does not remain alive after updating the official firmware, please do the following steps 1~5 again

  1. Create a file /etc/init.d/miwifi_overlay, (you can vi /etc/init.d/miwifi_overlay, i, paste, :wq), the content is as follows
#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
. /lib/functions/
start() {
        [ -e /data/overlay ] || mkdir /data/overlay
        [ -e /data/overlay/upper ] || mkdir /data/overlay/upper
        [ -e /data/overlay/work ] || mkdir /data/overlay/work

        mount --bind /data/overlay /overlay
        fopivot /overlay/upper /overlay/work /rom 1

        #Fixup miwifi misc, and DO NOT use /overlay/upper/etc instead, /etc/uci-defaults/* may be already removed
        /bin/mount -o noatime,move /rom/data /data 2>&-
        /bin/mount -o noatime,move /rom/etc /etc 2>&-
        /bin/mount -o noatime,move /rom/ini /ini 2>&-
        /bin/mount -o noatime,move /rom/userdisk /userdisk 2>&-

        return 0
  1. chmod 755 /etc/init.d/miwifi_overlay
  2. /etc/init.d/miwifi_overlay enable
  3. sync
  4. reboot

After the restart, the partition can be read and written, please do it again after updating the officiall firmware which it's not is easy to be disabled

Test, install sftp:
opkg update
opkg install openssh-sftp-server


I actually wrote a small tunnel client/server that has very few requirements for these sorts of situations. It's called shovelcat and only needs the kernel to have PPP support. Not quite a VPN server but at least it gets you some sort of tunnel.

Hey guys,

I will receive my AX6 in the next couple of days. I guess OpenWrt will still need some time to major enough for been usable on this router. So I was thinking about alternatives to modify the stock firmware a bit to my needs.

I stumbled over xqrepack which can be used to modify and repack the firmware.

I was wondering whether we could use the English lmo file (luci translation file) from the international firmware of the AX3600 for our router, as till today there is no English version available for the AX3000... ?

Do you think this will work?

Or can we manually modify the lmo file?

It's a good idea to translate the interface to our router. Does anyone know what files need to be translated?
At least those who have a root will be able to have a normal interface ...

I used xqrepack and added the the cn language package from AX6 to the AX3600, which works. Therefore I am quite sure it will work the other way around. My AX6 will arrive in the next few days will test it and let you know.

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OpenWrt for AX6 is on the way !

Use Google translate.

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Who can download the firmware files? I don't understand what need to do...
Link from the post:
extraction code: fmaw

would be nice to have the sources to build a personalized one. Not sure if I would like to trust in a firmware from a random source ...

That is not Openwrt.

We can make quasi International version with English UI by using xqrepack.
I am now using the entire /usr/lib/lua/luci/view and /usr/lib/lua/luci/i18n folders from the AX3600 international firmware on my AX3000.


I tried copying those two folders over from the international AX3600 image to my custom AX6 one, but I cannot see the new languages available in the settings. Is there any additional file/step?

you have to change the language in "/etc/config/luci" to "en"

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That did the trick, thanks!

Does anyone know how to edit lmo files (translation for Luci interface)?

[off topic]
I have the ax6 wall mounted. How should i position the bottom 4 antennas?
I know from the disassembled pictures that the upper left/right antennas are 2G and the rest is 5G.
Pictures for example:
I am using all antennas vertically, bottom 2 pointing down.



It deppends.. In general, signals are radiated outward from the antenna.. So you have to figure out what's the best placement for your installation.

thank you, that article was very helpfull.
Since my router is located on the 2nd floor, i should leave the antennas at a 30 degree angle.

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It looks like somebody has been able to generate an OpenWRT image for the AX6 (I cannot understand chinese, but that´s what my google-translated understanding of it is)