Add support for Nanopc T6?

Dual 2.5G port(no like nanopi R2s or R4s whose ethernet port is from pice/usb3.0), has HDMI output and input, and RK3588 support hardware-deconding many video codec(AV1 for example). I think this could be a great product for a router(Even add a HDD dock that support hardware raid)

I'm not a embedded device dev, but I managed to find some information that might help:

My image usecase will be NanoPC T6 + 2.5G switch + HDD dock which support hardware raid. Using docker to deploy jellyfin to watch some content. I hope openwrt support and rockchip mpp could achieve, and it seems that someone already include rockchip mpp in ffmpeg in a custom build:

Duplicate thread

Yes, I searched and view that thread, but it lacks of open source resources. And then I search the forum about rockchip and found that the forum seems to be not interested in rockchip due to "not quite open-source". But I guess it's the Chinese document causing everyone not able to find the resource, so I just opened a new topic with resource to it. Sorry for this dup

Openwrt uses mainline Linux - rock hip need to get their socs accepted to mainline not just release their source drops

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