Add support for Mojo C-110 (IPQ40xx)

Hi, I'm in the process of adding support for the Mojo C-110 (aka WatchGuard AP325 aka Lite-On WP8333 v1). I have dumped the flash, worked out the flash layout and extracted the stock device tree blob and decompiled it (stock device tree). From the device tree model string, I could see that the hardware is based on the board IPQ40xx/AP-DK04.1-C1. Booting the OpenWrt-included initramfs image for that board over the network works fine.

I'm struggling to find out the correct Ethernet MAC/switch config. The drivers and device tree bindings seem to be quite different between the stock kernel and what's included in OpenWrt right now.

How can I find out which switch ports need to be enabled, what PHY mode is being used and whether the psgmii-property should be deleted like it is done by some ipq40xx targets?

Thanks for any hints and tips,