Add support for Iomega Storcenter ix4-200d

I'm hitting another wall in preparing the patch. Changes I make to target/linux/kirkwood/base-files/etc/board.d are not picked up by the imagebuilder.

In 01_leds I've added the following:

	ucidef_set_led_netdev "lan" "LAN" "status:white" "eth0"
	ucidef_set_led_netdev "wan" "WAN" "status:red" "eth1"

And in 02_network the following:

	ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth0" "eth1"

For reference, the entry in the makefile:

define Device/iom_ix4-200d
  DEVICE_MODEL := StorCenter ix4-200d
  DEVICE_PACKAGES := kmod-ata-marvell-sata kmod-fs-ext4 \
	kmod-gpio-button-hotplug kmod-mvsdio kmod-hwmon-adt7475 \
	kmod-spi-gpio kmod-gpio-nxp-74hc164
  SUPPORTED_DEVICES += marvell,rd88f6281-a
  PAGESIZE := 512
  BLOCKSIZE := 16k
  KERNEL_SIZE := 3072k
  IMAGE_SIZE := 31744k
  IMAGE/factory.bin := append-kernel | pad-to $$$$(KERNEL_SIZE) | append-ubi | \
TARGET_DEVICES += iom_ix4-200d

However, when I flash the compiled image, the LED and network settings are not present on the device. I'm probably overlooking some very simple, but this being my first time adding a device I'm not seeing it... :sweat_smile:


Many thanks for your IX4-200 Openwrt guide. I was able to boot Openwrt and with some difficulties managed to get sysupgrade.bin flashed, but at the boot it complains that the crc of the ram not ok, so it does not boot from RAM. Do I need to do an extra step like erasing the flash or so??

Please advise and thanks for your post


Not sure I'm following you... If you've managed perform the sysupgrade, you have flashed the image into the device. No need to boot from RAM after sysupgrade...

In order to successfully flash the sysupgrade image, you indeed need to repartition the flash drive. That's the setenv mtdparts... step in the guide.

It was indeed a simple mistake: the DTS needs to include the iom,ix4-200d reference. I wrongfully assumed this would be inferred from the makefile.

The final image I have created can be downloaded here. WAN/LAN, LEDs and buttons are all functioning properly. The only caveat is the unavailability of HDD trays 1 and 2 as mentioned in this post, which needs to be fixed upstream.

The image includes some additional packages (luci-ssl, lm-sensors, htop, hdparm, block-mount, fdisk, lsblk, mdadm and e2fsprogs). Installation instructions remain the same from this post.

Great, many thanks you are the best!

Before you sent this firmware, I was able to get it working.
The instructions do not take into consideration that a part of the nand (above the firmware) maybe containing data. When I cleared the whole part of the NAND that can be used for the flash, it worked, so I have it running now. But ofcourse I need the other bells and wistles you have here!

Thanks once again,


Can you share some more details about your flash layout and the commands you used? I was under the assumption that repartitioning would destroy other partitions because the entirety of the flash is used, but apparently not in all cases?

Perhaps @braian87b and @navigos can share their experiences flashing the image?


I followed your instruction 100%, but apparently earlier experiments left some rubbish just above the location of uImage

Clearing that area fixed the problem. Did a lot of experiments and accidently hold the buttom too long and started from zero again :frowning: need to backup!!!!


Oh, I forgot some hints to remember:

to update opkg disable ipv6 first to prevent errors and add -no-check-certificate until you fixed the cerificates

A friendly user has been kind enough to help me by submitting the patch, and I can confirm that RC2 works as expected.

Hi @Goossens,

I have just managed to install OpenWRT on my (ex Iomega) ix4-200d NAS. Process went OK, NAS is up and running... However, I am worried about my drives. I have four 2TB HDD's, but just two of them are being detected. I have read an old post saying it was something related to the kernel... has there been any news about that? Should I still have faith?
My other concerns (not so important as the drive detection, of course) are:

  1. Concerning RAID management, is there a proper Luci -graphical- module to create RAID's, format drives, etc.?
  2. Is it possible to give a proper shutdown function to the Power button in front of the NAS? And is it possible to deactivate the auto powering on when plugging the power cord?
  3. (and last one!) Is it possible to add some functionality to the LCD screen of this NAS?

Thank you all in advance!
Gabriel (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In answer to item 3 please see ix4-200d-research which has some useful information on driving the LCD.