Add support for Comfast CF-N5

I would like to request for OPENWRT FIRMWARE of Comfast CF-N5 version 19.07.7. Hope someone can help me. Thank you...

post photos of device internals, and a serial boot log.

i am requesting for the OPENWRT FIRMWARE of that device. you can also check the link...

you should reread my 1st reply.

@xenmry Official support from OpenWrt for this particular COMFAST device does not exist yet. We need to gather some information before we can start adding support (if anyone has the time and desire to work on the project). We first need some information about the internals (I mean the board, chips, etc) and the boot log of the device as @frollic did already point out. You can either search for it online if someone has already done these steps, or do it manually yourself.

Brand: Comfast
Model: CF-N5
-1200M Dual Band Wireless Router
-2.4GHz WiFi through walls
-5G WiFi with low latency
-Dual Core Four Thread CPU
-512MB RAM
-32M Flash
-USB 3.0
-Gigabit Port
-4x 5dBi Antenna


well, still need the serial output from the pins in the middle

If the info at Alibaba's correct - Chipset: MT7621A+MT7603E+MT7612E

Then it's similar to

But you'll still need serial to work out the device specific quirks.

Any update with this?

I saw here in the Philippines using openwrt

Absolutely, as soon as someone posts the requested data.

(Attachment openwrt.bin is missing)

(Attachment backup-OpenWrt.tar.gz is missing)

did anyone able to run openwrt on this one?

As you can see in SonDayongs post, it seems you can get it with openwrt pre-installed.

So that would be a yes.

But it doesn't however say anything about the quality of the openwrt fw they're installing.

Is this flash firmware for openwrt?

Can you help me how to flash openwrt for this unit.

with a file size of 8kb, I somewhat doubt it.

I attached the config file. pls ignore my previous post.

one of the attachment is he shared is openwrt firmware, not sure if it is applicable for Comfast CF-N5

neither are we ... trial and error/brick ?

probably applies to xenmry too ....

Do you have a latest version cf-n1 and c5?

Do you guys still need this?

Firmware for Comfast N5 is on this link: