Add repository for opkg

in the official openwrt repo there is adguardhome

however i run the @davidc502 builds
and its opkg is configured differently

is there a way i can add the official repository so i can download this package?

You can your own feeds into /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf

root@router1:~# cat /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf
# add your custom package feeds here
# src/gz example_feed_name

You could naturally also directly download the package with wget to router's /tmp, and then install .ipk file manually with opkg.


but do you know the address for the official repository (what should i put there)?

i tried to download and install package but had some issues
in any case i want to script the install eventually so i want to use opkg install

No secret in that...
the packages feed's repo for your target:

(note that luci. base etc. have naturally their own directories, but this is the one that contains your interest, adguardhome)

Direct link to the package itself:


based on your screenshot, you are using rather old build from late May (r13342). Possibly the current package build is not quite compatible, but you can try.


Is the Adguard Home alot better than Adblock which is readily available?

check out this post

and this good comparision

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