Add Pine H64 (Model B) support

Total noob looking for help to support the Pine H64 (Model B), I have plenty of time on my hands to help get it working


Soc: Allwinner H6 (Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor, ARM Mali T-720MP2 Dual-core GPU)

Ram: 1-3GB LPDDR3 PC-1600

Storage: built-in 128Mb SPI Flash memory, eMMC module, MicroSD card (MicroSD card preferred)

Usb: 2x2.0 1x3.0

Ethernet: Realtek RTL8211 10/100/1000M

Adding new sunxi devices for OpenWrt is generally rather easy, as the SOCs tend to be well supported in mainline linux - so you can often get away by adding the DTS (often already available mainline) and adding rather generic image/ setup code, at worst adding some backports from newer kernels.

See previous sunxi device additions for inspiration.

Yeah, I have no clue how to do that
Total noob as stated

Using the dtb from another os for this device and the xunlong_orangepi-one-plus snapshot with some added packages I got it to boot but it soon slowed to a halt and I couldn't even use ssh

After days of trying to figure it out (even building from source) I've given up, If i can someone to help I'll continue but for now I'll just wait for someone else to try it.
I'll definitely switch over to openwrt once there's a build available or I get some supported hardware that can keep up with my networking