Add ordering to the tables screens

Hi all,

I revive this topic as I have searched for some info but was unable to find. As you maybe know I messed up my config because erroneously I set the same IP for 2 devices in my static leases table. Even if both devices weren't connected the dhcp couldn't run. I currently have ~50 entries in the table so it is not easy to check that I do not mistype an (name, address, mac)

I think that it would be an interesting feature if it was possible to order the contents of any table by any column, ascending or descending, like y clicking on 2 arrows next to the column title...

I know that this seems easy for me to say as I'm able to develop, but I'm pretty sure that this feature would help a lot. If my request doesn't seem clear tell me so I can add explanations.

Thx to all developers for your amazing job! :clap: :clap: