Add OpenWrt support for Youku YK-L2

Hardware spec:

RAM: 256MB
ROM: 16MB SPI Flash
WiFi: MT7603EN + MT7612EN
Button: 2 buttons (reset, wps)
LED: 8 LEDs (Power 2G 5G WPS Internet LAN1 LAN2 USB)
Ethernet: 3 ports, 2 LAN + 1 WAN
Other: USB3.0

Flashing instructions:

telnet firmware can get from:

bootloader can get from:

upgrade telnet firmware to firmware upgrade page in webui.
put pb-boot-youku_l2-20190317-61b6d33.bin into /tmp directory.
mtd write /tmp/pb-boot-youku_l2-20190317-61b6d33.bin Bootloader
turn off the power
Push the reset button and turn on the power.Wait until LED start blinking (~10sec.)
Connect Ethernet port and goto
Upload the firmware to firmware restore page in webui.

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Hello Zhao Yu.

I'm linking the PR for reference.

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