Add OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi AX6000"

Hi team.

is this router currently accessible by openwrt?
is the wifi signal working?
is there a lan/wan switch and its 4 ports enabled?

Short answer: no, no and no :frowning:

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Good morning, a new firmware came out on 17-07-2022 1.0.60 that I felt that the power of the antennas decreased! I went back to 1.0.48 .. I didn't feel tight!

Has anyone else seen any worsening or improvement?

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If so - why is this router listed here?

Someone must’ve put it there by mistake. AFAIK, nobody has even been able to get a shell on it, never mind create a full port for it.

I was also led astray by its listing on the TOH. I've requested that it be removed: Remove Redmi AX6000 from TOH


One possibility is that the nvram partition contains the u-boot environment and there are settings bootdelay=-2 and silent=1.
I suppose reading the entire flash is the quickest way to find out how the u-boot serial console is disabled.

Alright, this router sitting effectively as a brick has been bothering me so I dropped a little bit of cash to give this 2 more shots.

Option A (preferred):

Being that the flash chip is a WSON package, it's very hard to attach to via a clip like you would if it were a SOIC-8. My plan is to put the board on the probe and do my best to touch each of the pins and hopefully dump in-circuit. SNANDer apparently has support for the F50L1G41LB chip, so I'll try this route first.

Option B (last resort):

  • Desolder the F50L1G41LB chip and dump out-of-circuit. This will likely brick the device as I don't have a very steady hand, but might make it worthwhile for everyone else.

Stuff should be in within a month or so, so we will see. I'm not giving up hope.


One tip for desoldering. The hot air soldering station costs less than 50e from Amazon. This makes it possible to de-solder without breaking the chip.

WSON8 socket adapters seems to be quite expensive.

Now that you mentioned, i did feel some worsening with performance, but i do not know how to downgrade... how did you do it?

Download the firmware from the link below

Upload the file on the router, and it will give a warning that it is not possible to downgrade, in the browser address, the number 0 or 1 will be at the end, if it is 1, change it to 0 and enter if it is 1, change it to 0 and hit enter that the downgrade will occur.


Where can I find the mt7986a reference manual

Well, at least the limited bpi-r3 one may be found here:

Ten days ago, I found this forum. And there was the AX6000 in TOH. The next day, I ordered this router from Ali* mall. It was my mistake not to read all of these replies before I ordered.

I expected that I could use the feature 6in4 for IPv6, which does not exist in the current router.

A few days ago, the thing arrived. When installing, I revisited this forum to download OpenWRT firmware. Then I found that TOH was changed, and the AX6000 was removed from TOH.

Will OpenWRT support the AX6000 someday?

It is a WIP. Xiaomi put an annoyingly good amount of protections in so some of us are waiting for the appropriate tools to arrive to continue exploring it. I’d say the outlook right now isn’t very good but something might change in a few months.

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It would a very nice alternative too, but unfortunately nowhere to buy these one… :unamused:

Alright, I'm still waiting for my CH341A programmer to come in, but I tried a Hail Mary by using the Fly-By-Wire probe and a bus pirate with flashrom to dump the chip. I failed miserably due to one or more of the following:

  • Probe not actually touching chip pin (very hard to make good contact and my eyes are shot)
  • Flashrom doesn't support the chip
  • Not enough current supplied from the bus pirate to power the chip

I have already dumped the falsh rom . Hope it could help.

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Awesome! What was your process to dump it?

Additionally, it looks like your dump included OOB/Spare memory in the dump. UBIFS typically has 2048 byte page size, plus 64 OOB bytes for a total of 2112.
A 128MB flash chip should have 62500 pages, but given that the dump here is 132MB, 62500*2112 matches up. The OOB data makes it much harder to extract properly.