Add OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi AX6000"

I think you should give power to router with pressing reset button for 8 secconds. At least that is what I read on some miwifirepair thread... (I don't use miwifirepair before.)

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On the computer side: open the miwifi repair tool in Windows, then select the flash package and choose the network card connected to the router

Router side: first disconnect the power to the router, then press and hold the reset button next to the mesh button, then power up the router until the repairer on the computer has a response, then release the reset button, after the progress bar on the computer side is finished, wait for 1 minute, power down the router and then power up, at this time should be back to the miwifi system.


look like my device was bricked after below command. it said error and disconnected immediately. now the device keep booting. Anyone have suggest what to debrick it?

sysupgrade -n /tmp/squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

It's safe to use this images to flash the router for the first time? Received mine today, wanna install Openwrt but I want to avoid the bootloop of current snapshot

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I don't know. You can wait until release comes. Or image from verified source. I just spoted on web.


Uploaded Snapshot (r21968, ~february 3rd) images that I used at first install (stock layout):

expired links



Also rsync'ed full snapshot folder at 2023.02.20: all targets and packages.
It's about 156Gb.. Maybe this data will be more helpful (with corresponding packages). Can share this too if needed.

Update: Uploaded snapshot (2023.02.20) only for mediatek/filogic target:

expired links
file link size comment
targets.txt 2 MB Table of contents. Output of du -ha command
packages.txt 765 kB Table of contents. Output of du -ha command 25 MB zip - part 1
targets--mediatek--filogic.z01 500 MB zip - part 2
targets--mediatek--filogic.z02 500 MB zip - part 3 370 MB zip - part 1
packages--aarch64_cortex-a53.z01 900 MB zip - part 2
packages--aarch64_cortex-a53.z02 900 MB zip - part 3

Update2: Reloaded on GDrive:

new link on GDrive


  • Snapshot 2023-02-03 (only stock-layout firmwares)
  • Snapshot 2023-02-20 (whole filogic target + packages)

If you just install stock version as I said after that commit, you will never be able to boot system and need to back to miwifi system for now unless you revert that commit and compile firmware manually, I DO NOT know why they said they tested.

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Hi, do we know (or have some time estimate) when final version of the firmware should be released? I have just received this router and I am not sure if to wait or use the snapshot version.

EDITED: Now I read this thread and it looks like there is major problem in the snapshot so I will wait, hopefully it will be fixed soon. I am still interested when the final release should be finished though.

Installed Openwrt with success using your files


to install the stock layout and used today's snapshot to install the ubootmod version

Thanks a lot for sharing the files. It was really helpful and was enough to bypass the temporary error when installing stock layout Openwrt

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I'm running Firmware X-WRT 22.10_b202302102335 Kinetic for 14 days without any issues now. Using similar build on my AX6S without issues. So you could search for this build (or a pure OpenWRT snapshot from approx that date) and you'll be fine.
Not sure if or when there will be a "Final" build, but this version is way more stable then any final Windows build :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I waisted so many hours for that bug, with this version, you saved me even more time as well as frustration.

files targets--mediatek--filogic.z01, targets--mediatek--filogic.z02 was expiered. Could you reload them again, may be reload on Google Disk?

Updated links in previous post.

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Thank you a lot :+1:
But when run command

sysupgrade -n /tmp/squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

it wrote warning:

Thu Feb  2 11:03:44 UTC 2023 upgrade: Image metadata not present
Thu Feb  2 11:03:44 UTC 2023 upgrade: Use sysupgrade -F to override this check when downgrading or flashing to vendor firmware
invalid sysupgrade file
Image check failed.

Is it ok to run it with -F parameter? Or something wrong?

Something is wrong. I don't used the -F parameter

Stock layout, step 5?
kastellsc right - make sure you use correct file for this step.

for snapshot 2023-02-03

sha256sum: a582b21a4495b38a5db23311840590ea2c88c0c5e56d9bf82a3772a748db575b


for snapshot 2023-02-20

sha256sum: 5ded9bfff945f86b671f023c805ed478164b4cb91e14dfdb36959f3cf3ae9e31

Also check if you select correct device. Filogic target contains several devices.

Stock layout, step 5?

sha256sum is the same, but what you mean select correct device?
On mine wrote:
Redmi AX6000, RB06 (rb06_minet_XXXX), CPU mt7986a

so was choosed files:

For step 5 checksum and file (*sysupgrade.bin) correct.
But in step 3 you used *initramfs-kernel.bin instead of *initramfs-factory.ubi

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Thank you! All works now. Upgrade until ubootmod layout + luci WebUI.

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When I enable Vlan on br-lan the connectivity is lost and I need to hard reset.
There is any know bug with vlan on Openwrt on this device? Anyone with same problem?