Add OpenWrt support for Redmi AX3000 (256MB RAM) Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router?

Not AX6. Redmi AX3000 has 256MB RAM.

No, that device is not supported and in all likeliness 'never' supportable.

  • ipq50xx is not supported at this point, so far no one is working in this SoC either.
  • 256 MB RAM is a hard no-go for 2* ath11k radios, even 512 MB are tight, very tight.
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You sure ?
Redmi AC2100 has weaker hardware, but it's supported by OpenWrt

The Redmi AC2100 is mt7621 based with mt7603+mt7615 wireless, a totally different situation. ath11k in comparison needs a lot more RAM, 512 MB (as in redmi ax6 or xiaomi ax3600) is the bare minimum (and already tight).

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You know what ?

MiWiFi ROM(official OS of Redmi AX3000) is an in-depth customized OpenWrt(see the screenshot above or official website of Mi) actually.

Now that they can do it, why can't others ?

Believe it or not, feel free to read the ax3600 thread for details - it's not going to happen.

OK, thanks

Nothing new, they all are, more or less.
99% of all routers use openwrt or lede as the base for their own firmwares.

Like you said, it's customized, stripped down, and usually running an old kernel.

Yeah, I think you are right

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