Add OpenWrt support for Mitrastar GPT-2731GN2A4P

I have a Mitrastar GPT-2731GN2A4P modem and I would like to have a firmware to put in it!
Thank you!

Please post hardware details (chips) and, if you have it, boot log and dmesg

If it’s a device with less than 8 MB of flash or less than 64 MB of RAM, it is unlikely to attract much attention as it lacks sufficient resources for general use.

Good afternoon! I believe those are the information!

Copy of OP's image inlined for reference

BCM6830 SoC
128 MB RAM
128 MB NAND flash

BCM43217 on 2.4 GHz
Quantenna (?) on 5 GHz, with 128 MB RAM

MicroSemi LE9541 (POTS loop chip)


Why are you posting this as a "screenshot" image, instead of a link?

This looks very much like your source for this information:

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  • 2.4 GHz wlan: BCM43217 (Broadcom softmac), basically unsupported
    only very basic support via b43, 54 MBit/s at most
  • 5 GHz wlan: Quantenna QSR1000 (QT3860BC+QT2518B), currently not supported in OpenWrt
    There has been some work on QSR1000/ Topaz driver support in mainline linux for linux 5.0, but it's unknown if that is sufficient to get these working on the chipsets used in these routers. Potential pitfalls like EEPROM-less devices (very common in routers), with calibration data externally on the main system flash, special initialization sequences or netifd/ hostapd integration are unknown.
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Yes, it is exactly this modem, but I did not get the firmware to this day! :disappointed:

Há algo novo, algue com driver para BCM6838X?

Any news? Thanks!

News? I'm searching for...