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I have two questions
Frist how to add new section on router?

What is ISP's APN?


if you SSH to router, you could enter this section from VI editor

vi /etc/config/network

APN is Access Point Name, used by your provider. You need this information from your ISP
or .. maybe it is listed here:

but best is to ask ISP for settings


Yes i am using ssh

Now what next setup?


ok, looks like you never used VI editor

first, go down below last line
then, you press "i" key
you will see at left bottom corner a big I letter
now you are in INSERT mode, so you could write into file

enter what you need

then press ESC, big I letter will dissapear
them enter :wq
and pres [enter]

:wq will save file

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With newer modems, usually you can leave the config apn line out. The modem will read the carrier's default APN from the SIM card and use it.

If you install uqmi and luci-proto-uqmi then all configuration is done from the web interface, Network - Interfaces - Add new interface...

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all done thanks
but sim not read

its all done but the sim not read

Then, you'll need to get the APN from:

  • A cell phone display where your SIM and Internet works
  • Directly from your cell provider - they should be more than happy to provide this information if they support thier customers using thier own equipment
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