Add new init_setup for existing target board/router

Hi I created (with a lot of @psyborg @jeff help and patience),

a new __init gl_ar150_setup (see Swconfig router and switch gl.inet ar150).

I need to check if it works the way I imagined, but being an enthusiasts optimist I have more questions?

What is the best way (or the only one) to add my new setup into the menuconfig ? I suspect it has something to do with

the MIPS_MACHINE definition inside mac-gl-ar150 in target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ath79 (this is what I get comparing to the set up I was try to mirror mach-ubnt-xm.c : ubnt_airgateway_pro setup).

I was thinking about putting 2 MIPS declaration before the current gl_ar150 setup (static void __init gl_ar150_setup (void) ):
1st coping the existing MIPS_MACHINE..... at the end of the current file
2nd a new one I need to figure out

then leaving the current one (MIPS_MACHINE (ATH79_MACH_GL_AR150, "GL-AR150", "GL.iNET GL-AR150", gl_ar150_setip); )after the current configuration (static void __init gl_ar150_setup (void) )
and adding the second one after my new set up called gl_ar150X setupstatic void __init gl_ar150X_setup (void) .

My problem is how to set up the new MIPS_MACHINE declaration, and then discover what files

I need to change or modify or create inside my openwrt directory to be able to choose at menuconfig

the standard gl_ar150 or my new one gl_ar150X.

Hoping I was clear enough I would deeply appreciate any insight. Thanks a lot.