Add Altai to list of brands for dataentry

I'm trying to build a proper image for the Altai C1n.
The device currently accepts db120 image, but figured a proper page would make it easier for me to share my findings.

Thanks for raising this :+1:
Can you clarify if everything on your device is working when flashed with the other device’s image? All features , no negatives (no weird performance issues)

To aid the discussion , can you provide links to

  1. the vendor’s oem device page
  2. Hardware info or wikidevi page for your device if one exists
  3. The openwrt wiki page(s) of the image you used

@tmomas or one of the other wiki admins will be able to suggest the place for the updates to go into

Everything works, actually using it in prod since the stock firmware is artificially limited and has a hardcoded credential.
Right now since the image is based on the generic db120, the led needs to be mapped and some port doesnt exists.

  3. For the initial flash, i used the image compiled by the guy from the blog
    rabinsfun.blogspot. com/p/install-openwrt-firmware-in-c1n-do-have_12.html ,
    since i couldnt get the latest generic image to boot from uboot. However, upgrading to the latest openwrt after that works fine.
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It's yet too early for a dataentry.

I have created a devicepage instead:

Feel free to add useful information there.

For discussions regarding getting this device officially supported, please open a new topic in the developers section of this forum.