Add 2 or 3 "presets" to the online image builder

Quick feature request for the online image builder: Add a set of 'presets' to use as a starting point for custom image image creation.

When a user expands the Customize Installed Packages 'twisty', it presents a dialog box where packages can be added or removed from the standard image. I propose a set of radio buttons that would provide the following recipe starting points:

  • Minimal image
  • Normal / stable release like image
    • This would include all of the default packages normally provided in stable release builds (including LuCI).
  • (optional) Snapshot like image
    • this would reflect the set of default packages that are included in a snapshot image.

From here, users can further customize the image as desired, of course. This could be handy for scenarios including, but not limited to the following:

  1. I want to use the release image recipe + add x packages
  2. I want to create a minimal install
  3. I want to create a minimal install + add x packages
  4. I want to use a snapshot, but I want it to have all the 'trimmings' (i.e. LuCI) that would be found in a release image. (maybe including adding x packages)
  5. I'd like a snapshot like image + add x packages

In all of these cases, it would be easier if the user didn't have to look up the base recipe (what packages are safe to remove, what packages are included in the normal release builds, etc.). The recipe would be populated based on the radio button selected, then the user can further customize (if desired) and request the build.


And/or save the last used list of packages in a local browser cookie to restore on next use (if it hasn't been implemented yet).

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