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As per my configuration, startup trigger interface is "unspecified" and forced zone is "Lan" and forced port is "53". Can you try this

Hello @AcidSlide and thank you for your reply.
My first home router is ASUS RT-AX56U (stock firmware) with statics IP adress from ISP.
I set here DNS-o-TLS. Its the only one change i done here.
From router 1) im serving wifi to my home (2,4 GHz) and 5 GHz (as wireless "cable" to another router) ASUS RT-AC58U (with OpenWRT) ( = router 2) as a "WAN" port.
As you replied to me, I checked a LAN from Router 2) - there is only IP adress provided, netmask and gateway. No DNS server (empty line).
Yep, DNS to my network is provided by router 2 with OpenWRT.
In meantime, i do a research here, and move directories from /tmp ( at RAM) to physical storage.

Hello @peter2 and thank you for you reply.
I will check it - set like you told me.

Dear all, I would like to infom you, Im happy and satissfied now. AdB is working. Please, mark my post as closed.

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Hi @jiri_pinkava - for our reference, which step resolved the issue

I set a local zone in firewall, move temp directory to permanent location, set trigger delay to 20, moved dns directory to permanent location, activated "Disable DNS allow", restart router.
All those things helped, Actual hit-rate: 23% (255 of 1088 DNS requests has been blocked).
Thank you for help.

Hi there. is there a chance that it will be available in the near future to enable everything on one exact domain? like, for example, in Adblock Plus I can turn off operation on a specific domain.


You can "Whitelist" domains and that feature has been existing since the start of Adblock.

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i whitelist domain1 but when i open it no google ads. That's what I thought.

You whitelist the ad domain, not the domain you are accessing. For example, if you want google ads to be visible, most of the time adding "" will be enough.

i understand it but i need to enable just on one site, not the entire internet

There is no way for the router to know from which page the ad domains are requested (https encrypted), if you want that, you need a browser plugin to make the decisions.


I have a problem with Blocklist Backup. it should use it if it can't download lists from the internet, right? (I disconnected the internet and it doesn't work, it doesn't use backup and shows an error).
When I have the internet, it loads blocklists and it saves them to /etc/adblock successfully, I see blocklists there after reboot, but if the internet is disconnected AdBlock says error, and the blocklists backup files disappear from /etc/adblock
What am I doing wrong?

  • Automatic blocklist backup & restore, these backups will be used in case of download errors and during startup

  • a working DNS resolver

I'm running Turris Omnia, which is based on OpenWRT 21.02 and the version of adblock I've installed is 4.1.3-9.

I've got DNS Reporting turned on and I saw some odd entries in the list.

In the "Top 10 Statistics" it shows listed in the "Blocked Domains" column.

In the "Lastest DNS Requests" it shows that domain as an NX earlier, then an OK later. The requests are only a little over 20 minutes apart. Looking further back, all prior requests in this list are all NX. These requests are coming from the same source, my Roku device.

Is there any way for me to troubleshoot why it responded OK when it's supposed to be in the blocklist?

Adblock is working well thank you!
But is there any way to block sponsored search results on google search?

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Not with a DNS based blocking approach like adblock.

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OISD list is no longer working. It appears the links have changed:


Thanks for the info.. i will probably manually update my sources file for this

Thanks for pointing out to this. I have also noticed this today.

I see that not only the links have changed.

The quantity (wrt type) of available blocking lists have been significantly reduced.

I have found a fork from last week with the old lists in case anyone needs those:


Hi Dirk,

I would appreciate if you could update the source list referrals to the new oisd links.

Thanks for taking care!