AdBlock Problems

A couple of problems after installing the latest opkg packages for my 18.06.1 Archer C2600 system:

  1. Update packages and AdBlock 3.5.5-3 is available to install. Try to install and I receive this message: "Package adblock (3.5.5-3) installed in root is up to date." Luci still says 3.5.5-2. ?????
  2. Have whitelisted my VPN provider, "", in AdBlock. Was working fine until the recent updates, but now I receive a "server not found" error. AdBlock whitelist doesn't appear to be working???

Thoughts? Anybody else having this problem??

I don't have an answer for #2, but as to #1 i've noticed similar odd behavior regarding adblock in 18.06.1, meaning 3.5.5-3 is listed as an Available package, while also being listed as an Installed package, it persists even after updating lists and a reboot, so who knows, just an odd quirk (you might try updating lists or rebooting to see if 3.5.5-3 shows as installed).

edit - you might ask in the Adblock support thread, @dibdot is really good about answering questions and looking into things.

That's an "expected" cosmetic issue, as I have forgot to update the version number within the main shell script - just ignore it.

No, whitelisting works fine. Check with /etc/init.d/adblock query if the domain is still found/blocked. If so, update your whitelist and "Refresh" your blocklist afterwards.

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