Adblock & Firewall testing

I know this is a rookie question. Is there a trusted site or tool you would recommend to test the Adblock services or the firewall settings? When I configured Adblock, I checked off a number of block lists but noticed my available memory didn't reduce at all. So I'm questioning whether I actually got them. Also, is there a good tool out there to test the firewall or security. I've used Gibson Research for the ping test, but that's about it.

Thank you for your response.

Did you reload Adblock after saving to load those lists?

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Reload? I restarted it in Startup. I'm not sure if it is the same.

Please post the output of /etc/init.d/adblock status or take a screenshot of your adblock runtime information if it's easier for you, e.g.:


Thanks, that looks quite usual. The dnsmasq process should require more memory if adblock runs. You can check that with top/htop when suspend or resume adblock processing.

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Thank you dibdot and lleachii for your responses.

If I may ask 1 more question in this thread. Do you recommend a blocklist playlist? There's just so many of them. I can't find this question asked in the forum--which surprises me. I'm sure I'm just missing it.

You may check this website I have been working on. A test page riddled with ads.
Can You Block It | Adblocker Test Page