Adblock errors

Hi all, I have installed adblock and selected some blacklists. But when I start it I get an error. Here is the output when I run the command /etc/init.d/adblock status:

::: adblock runtime information
  + adblock_status  : error
  + adblock_version : 4.1.3
  + blocked_domains : 0
  + active_sources  : adaway, adguard, adguard_tracking, anti_ad, anudeep, bitcoin, disconnect, notracking, oisd_basic, 
                      openphish, phishing_army, reg_it, smarttv_tracking, spam404, stopforumspam, wally3k, whocares, yoy
  + dns_backend     : dnsmasq (-), /tmp/dnsmasq.d
  + run_utils       : download: /bin/uclient-fetch, sort: /usr/libexec/sort-coreutils, awk: /bin/busybox
  + run_ifaces      : trigger: lan, report: br-lan
  + run_directories : base: /tmp, backup: /tmp/adblock-Backup, report: /tmp/adblock-Report, jail: /tmp
  + run_flags       : backup: ✔, flush: ✘, force: ✘, search: ✘, report: ✔, mail: ✘, jail: ✘
  + last_run        : reload, 7m 15s, 123/78/56, 14.02.2022 06:25:15
  + system          : TP-Link Archer C6 v2 (EU/RU/JP)

Do you know a solution? Thanks in advance.

reduce the number of lists to a reasonable value that matches your hardware


OK, thanks a lot. Following your advice, I was able to successfully enable adblock but despite 175.661 domains being blocked, Google's ads still remain visible. Do you know any lists that can block them? Thanks in advance.