Adblock behind?

This could totally be my own ignorance about how builds are assembled but the adblock that comes down for 18.06.4 is adblock 3.5.5-3 the current version I see of 3.6.5-2 is from 15 days ago. Am I missing something here?

Edit: update build #

Builds do not pick the latest version of each piece of software. Developers need some time to adapt, package, and test each version.

And that was a piece of knowledge I was missing. I guess part of my frustration comes from going to the effort of getting it all installed following the guide on the openwrt site and functions document on the site are not in the current stable build. I.e. reporting

If you really need the latest version, you can try to build it yourself. Once you manage to prepare a build environment on your PC and reach the point where you can build the official packages, with a bit of luck you just need to edit a Makefile to point to a different upstream version.

I'm seriously considering it. Thanks for the insight on the build selection process!

adblock 3.6.x will be part of OpenWrt 19.07, I do not plan any backports to 18.06. To use latest adblock in 18.06 just download the ipk package files (referenced here Adblock support thread) directly to your router and install them via opkg.

Which is what I wound up doing last night. I didnt post about it since sometimes things like that make a mess out of a persons setup. It's been working splendid for me though.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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