Adblock autostart and refresh timer - clarification


I've installed adblock and luci-app-adblock packages and I want to better understand a couple of things:

  1. does it automatically start when the router boots
  2. do I have to set a cron job ("Refresh Timer") that uses autostart, reload or start to just refresh the blocklists when the service is already up?
  3. does the "Refresh Timer" refresh the blocklists or just start/restart the adblock service?


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  1. Yes if enabled to begin with.

  2. Only Reload, yes! Or else you will not get updated block list from the servers until you reload or reboot. It works anyway but the internet is a moving target and it doesn’t wait for you to catch up.
    Do not use start or autostart in the cron job, the result will not be what you expected.

  3. Reload downloads new blocklists and load them in the program.

All this process is written in system log.

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  1. how to check the it's enabled to begin with booting?

Have you even looked inside the app?

Reboot and look in the app. Or surf to some webbpage with commercials and see if they are gone.

It also say in system log when it loads the lists and start the app at reboot.

I'm asking because I saw the app and after rebooting the router I saw that there was nothing in logs and Blocked Domains was 0, that's why I'm asking whether there could be another option I'm missing to set

wouldn't be very surprising if it was 0, and empty logs, nothing' s kept during reboot.


The “count” is always 0…it doesn’t count blocking of ad dns servers. And it doesn’t usually block domains.

But the boot up log where adblock list load and start is written at boot up.

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BanIP is probably more effective to block domains, countries etc. but BanIP is bad at blocking Ads.

I run both myself, but for different reasons.

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