Adblock 4 pre-releases

Hi Dirk,
I gave both pre-releases a go but luci entries on a 19.07.2 never showed up although packages installed fine and adblock himself started. Do you have an idea what / where to look / check?

A reinstalled v3.8.15 adblock+luci instanstly started fine and showed up in GUI.

I have tested with mvebu espressobin board, on 19.07.02, and no luci app shown ...

How can I help to debug and fix ?

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Je ne sais pas quoi faire, j’ai perdu la main sur le 3200 et je ne maîtrise pas le sujet, désolé pour le bordel que je mets

This is sounding incredible good work OP. Can't help but wonder how this compares to a Raspberry Pi 4 running Pi-hole now though. Performance wise this should be good on my WRT32X I'm thinking.

@erdoukki @Doppel-D I'll doublecheck the 19.07 issues in the next couple of days and come back to you.

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Started testing raw mode with dnscrypt-proxy2 so far no problem

Gratitude @dibdot

The blocklist query GUI feature does not produce results, while the bloklist query CLI feature is normal.
Tested on both latest Firefox/Chrome Windows 10 desktop.

I'm running logread -f to see what happens when running query gui, here is output:

user.debug adblock-3.99pre1[14342]: f_dns    ::: dns: dnsmasq, dns_dir: /tmp/dnsmasq.d, dns_file: adb_list.overall, dns_header: , dns_deny: /usr/bin/awk '{print "address=/"$0"/"}', dns_allow: /usr/bin/awk '{print "local=/"$0"/#"}', dns_safesearch: /usr/bin/awk -v item="$item" '{print "address=/"$0"/"item""}', dns_user: dnsmasq, dns_inotify: false, dns_instance: 0
user.debug adblock-3.99pre1[14342]: f_fetch  ::: fetch_util: /bin/uclient-fetch, fetch_parm: --timeout=20 -O

There's already a potential fix in pre2 ... hopefully I can re-check/fix the remaining 19.07 issues next weekend - stay tuned.


Thanks for your feedback regarding raw mode, much appreciated!

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Hey @dibdot, and thank you for your continued work on adblock for openwrt. I am a happy user and have been using it for quite some time now.

Since you're doing a rewrite here, I wondered if you ever considered cname blocking. Cname cloaking seems to be the new fad to avoid adblockers. See for example:

If I understand the pi-hole devs correctly they plan to introduce cname blocking with their upcoming version 5.0:

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Personally I think this a quite hyped topic ... if you're using adblock just enable e.g. the 'notracking' source and you should be safe. Said that, many other sources blocks these already known tracker domains/cnames as well.

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I've uploaded a new pre-release to my github repo (see first post). All reported bugs should have been fixed ... and it should be visible/usable in 19.07 as well ... :wink:

Happy testing!

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raw mode with dnscrypt-proxy2, all good, no problem

Gratitude @dibdot


During my tests I just found out that the smarttv url was broken, just download the updated 'adblock.sources.gz' and copy it to '/etc/adblock' ...

/etc/init.d/adblock stop
opkg remove luci-app-adblock
opkg remove adblock
opkg update
opkg install coreutils
opkg install coreutils-sort
opkg install adblock_3.99pre3-1_all.ipk
opkg install luci-app-adblock_git-20.081.71274-63d3571-1_all.ipk

Hi Dirk,
thank you for the rework! All I can see looks good but the things I don't see frightens me ;- )

  • I took the same lists but blocked domains exploded from 350k to 2.5M, also processing time went up

Is it because

  • I get the full blown list from e.g. shallalist and ut_capitole? I really like the old way of presentation and customisation to expand / delete these lists with custom entries

  • you changed the way of counting / sorting or ironed out an error?

Addendum: Something seems wrong....if I "Blocklist Query" which are in my private blackblist I get no hit...and the domains are not blocked

Nope, the old table based list presentation was too slow. Please respect the new size recommendations ... e.g. ut_capitole is now 'XXL' and includes porn domains. I'll add an additional ut_capitole variant without porn. Anyway, you can customize those categories directly in the JSON file (/etc/adblock/adblock.sources.gz).

You saved my day :- )

Bummer, I appreciate the easy graphical customization.

FYI, a new pre-release pre3 has been released - hopefully the last pre-release before 4.0, see updated links in the first post. This update has been fully tested and the docs are ready as well (additional link in the first post).

Please raise remaining issues asap - thanks! If no major issues comes up I plan to release this version in the next couple of days.

BTW, this version supports smooth updates from former adblock versions, it's no longer needed to delete old configs before.

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Gratitude @dibdot