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I have set OpenWrt ver-21 on TP-LINK archer c7 ver 5.
I'm using FTP client (PC connected to LAN side) that is connected to the FTP server (WAN side of router).

If I use PASSIVE FTP mode, I can connect, download, upload, list content. Everything works. Passive FTP transfers data in such way that FTP client (LAN side) is connecting to FTP server (WAN side).

If I use ACTIVE FTP mode, I can connect. The log file goes to the line where the PORT command is used to specify IP-address,port opened on CLIENT to receive data. Server side always uses port 20 to upload/download data to/from the client. While the client always specifies different port for data transfer. This is presumably stopped by OpenWrt firewall.

I have struggled with firewall in LUCI/OpenWRT but can't get this active FTP to work.

Please help,

Branko FERK

Dear sir,

I have successfully uploaded kmod-nf-nathelper. Tested the active FTP connection but it didn't work. After checking additional OpenWrt web pages I found out that besides kmod-nf-nathelper you need also the


package. After this was installed and router was rebooted, I was successful with ACTIVE FTP. There was no need for additional settings in Luci/Firewall.

Thanks for your suggestion :grinning:,


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