Active DHCP Leases

Using 18.06 Luci

Sometimes it would be useful to present the table in Hostname order or IP address order. Is there anyway to reorder the 'Active DHCP Leases' table on the Network > DHCP and DNS page ?

It would be useful when setting up DHCP address assignment, to implement the change immediately. Is there anyway from Luci to force the release (and expirey) of an IP address so the Host must request a new IP address ?


Even if there were a way, the client won't actually make another request until the time period (per the last lease) has elapsed.

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Thought about that today: Have two identical printers in different rooms with same hostname so I can print always to the same printer name and choose one by simply power on the desired one. Problem: When I printed to one printer, and later turn on the other (rarest usecase), it (probably) won't work . One hostname two different IPs.

One possible solution: Shorten DHCP leasetime

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I can reboot the host that I'm making changes for, but it will get the same IP address unless I can release/expire the lease in the DHCP Server.

Not ideal, but a good pragmatic solution.

Thanks both.