Active DHCP Leases shows Nintendo Switch with "?" instead of hostname


This maybe off-topic, but Active DHCP Leases shows Nintendo Switch with "?"

How to set a proper hostname?

I am sure there are other Mario fans.

The Nintendo switch DHCP client does not send a hostname. The same goes for the Wii, BTW. I don't see how you intend to fix that on the DHCP server side.

FWIW, I see the same rsults with an ISC DHCP server running on a Debian system. AFAICS, there is nothing wrong on neither client nor server side.


I not like it. Any possible workaround?

DNS and DHCP configuration examples > Static leases


How often are you checking the Active DHCP leases that it's an actual issue?


You can do a partial static lease to give a MAC a hostname, without pinning it to a specific IP address. Using specific IP addresses should be avoided except in cases where it is necessary to make something work.

Go to Network-->DHCP and DNS and click the Static Leases tab. Click Add. Pull down the MAC address selector and choose the MAC of the Nintendo. Type the hostname you want it to have into the Hostname box. Note hostnames can only have letters, numbers, and dashes. Change IP address back to Unspecified. You should have only Hostname and MAC filled out on the form, IP is "unspecified" and the other boxes blank. Click Save. Go to the bottom of the page and click Save and Apply. Disconnect and reconnect the Nintendo. It should now have your hostname in the list.


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