Activating USB-Tethering on Linksys MR8300 without WAN connection

Hello everybody,

at the moment I am trying to activate USB-Tethering on a Linksys MR8300. There is an articel here how to aktivate it, but I have no WAN connection. WAN connection should be established over USB Tethering. I read about a possibility to download the needed files on a PC and upload it wire web interface to the router. Did I understand the possibility that there is also a way? How I can do that? Is there anybody who could help me? A short instruction how I can do that will be very appreciated!



using (win)scp

another option is to create an image in the online image builder, containing all the extra packages
needed for tethering -

yet another option is to share internet from your phone, connect to the phones wifi hotspot with your router, by doing a network->scan->join (put the connection in the wan zone), and install the packages that way.

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Thank you for the answer. Last option I have tried and finally works!


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