Actiontec GT784WNV rejects 18.06.5 firmware

Hey all, I'm trying to use an old, terrible router (a GT784WNV) as a wireless repeater bridge for a wireless network. When I attempt to upload OpenWRT onto the router, it gives the following error:

"Image uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal image."

I have no clue how to get around this, any ideas? At the moment, TFTP isn't feasible. Thanks for any suggestions.

According to the device''s wiki page, you want to make it feasible.

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I don't know much about TFTP flashing, but I know that it requires a special USB JTAG cable. In that case, I'd much rather just go to the thrift store and buy a router that actually works with OpenWRT without these problems. Thanks anyways!

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