Accessing shared folders on repeater router

Hi everyone. I'm new to this repeater/bridge thing, sorry if I am asking a common thing.
As it shown on my network diagram here, I both computers can access the internet without any problem. The problem is a Laptop can't access PC shared folders and PC can't access shared folders of a Laptop as well. If I connect both computers on the same router I can access shared folders without a problem. The goal is to have a network without a cables.

My setup is
2 Routers TP-Link 3420 v5 running OpenWrt 18.06.1
1 PC
1 Laptop
I have disabled firewall on both computers

use relayd on router-2

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When you say you can't access, is it that you can't browse the network neighborhood or that even if you enter the IP address of the other computer you can't connect?

The connection between the routers, is it WDS or just regular client mode?

Yes, I can't connect if I enter or ping IP address of another computer. The connection between routers is using client mode.

Should I install it or it came with OpenWRT 18.06.1 ? Sorry I'm very new to this.

Try setting up your router 1 as WDS AP and your router 2 as WDS client. This should solve your problem if it is stable with your hardware. Relayd is more of a hack.

Thank you for the idea.

Not sure if you can mix WDS and AP at the same time on that device however....
WDS is to be preferring if you can use it however IMHO

Thank you all for your ideas, they did help the process. I have managed to accomplish the process by carefully follow this guide

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