Accessing LuCI over wifi when travelling to new locations

When I configure a new hotel/airbnb wireless client using LuCI over an ethernet connection, it works perfectly for all my devices.

I want to be able to do the same with my iphone so I don't have to bring my laptop on every trip.

So, to test this out I made the client password wrong over ethernet. I didn't change the password for accessing my router, I just changed the one the router uses to access the hotel wifi signal.

With the wrong client password, my iphone can still see my router as an available network, but keeps trying to connnect and never does. So I would like to be able to connect to my router network when it has yet to have accesss to the hotel's wifi. Then I can access LuCI from my iphone, scan for an available network and then setup that new client with the password supplied by the hotel.

Is there a quick fix? I'd prefer to fix my setup instead of using the travelmate build if possible as everything works great when I use my laptop to create the new clients.

Use Travelmate.

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