Accessing LuCI from remote

Hi guys!
I have four OpenWRT instances on a remote site. I setup a nice https web interface that colelcts all the systems i need to monitor from the remote site using nginx (of course, properly secured).

I need (would like?) to access also the LuCI interfaces of the four OpenWRT in the same way.

I am trying to setup the reverse like this:

 location /remote1/ {
                        proxy_pass http://192.168.1.X/;
                        proxy_redirect / $scheme://$host:$server_port/remote1/;
                        proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "";
                        gunzip on;
                        sub_filter "src=\"/" "src=\"/remote1/";
                        #sub_filter "scriptname\":\"" "scriptname\":\"\\/remote1";
                        sub_filter "ubuspath\":\"" "ubuspath\":\"\\/remote1";
                        sub_filter "href=\"/" "href=\"/remote1/";
                        sub_filter "action=\"/" "action=\"/remote1/";
                        sub_filter_once off;
                        sub_filter_types *;

Unfortunately login cannot complete even if all queries seems to be correctly resolved... Anybody had similar issues or can suggest a way to access LuCI remotely?

thank you.

Can’t really speak to the method you are trying to use, but I would recommend looking at a vpn based solution. Wireguard is easy to setup on your OpenWrt devices so you can connect from a remote peer.

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