Access Router GUI with sshuttle


i have running a reverse SSH tunnel with sshuttle on my GL travel router.
All my traffic from the router is sent to the remote server, working all fine.

In the other way I'm facing some troubles, when I would like to reach the router or any service running on a RPi behind it (Port 3030). I can not access the Web GUI or the website on the RPi.
How do I have to configure the the router to access these?
At the moment all ports are open at the remote server (I know I have to harden the server but now I'm trying to find the error and so I have opened everything), so the sever is not blocking my ports, this leads me to the conclusion, that somehow the router blocks my ports. At the router I opened 80, 443 and 22 and forwarded 3030 to the RPi, but I think maybe from the wrong source.

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If you are using SSH tunneling,there's nothing to open. As long as the router can reach this server, then any client making an SSH Tunnel connection thru it should be able as well.

If you made additional tunnels on the router (i.e. a SSH tunnel thru a SSH tunnel), you may have to enable this: