Access realtime network graph without login required


our internet at home is unstable sometimes (completely the providers fault), and sometimes a high-speed download takes up all the bandwidth. Times like this comes the question wether someone is downloading at full speed or the internet is down again. Answering that would be way more simple if the realtime traffic graph would be accessible without a login. Is it possible, or is there any other way to do this? I also have a server, so I could install a secondary graph interface that pulls data from openwrt.

Create a second uhttp instance on port 81 serving luci-app-statistics .img of wan traffic graph using static markup and a generous meta refresh.

Fairly simple.

...or run netdata (package)?

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I understand that your internet connection becomes (nearly) unusable in both situations.

Regarding the high-speed download, this might be caused by excessive buffering in network devices.
The DSLreports speed test can show if this is the case. It should be run from a wired client, without background network traffic. You can post the result here if you want to discuss it.

When the test shows high latencies, there is a solution: SQM (Smart Queue Management).
It allows fair sharing of an internet connection between multiple users and applications while keeping the latencies low.

I see that you are running OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07.
Is this a vendor firmware, or was it downloaded from
Which device are you using? Could it run a current OpenWrt release like 19.07.2?