Access printer from another network


Currently in a co-working office shared with persons from differents societies, I have setted up a wifi router with Open VPN (with RPI4+usb dongle) in order to have a separeted secured network.


How could my laptop (Client A) access the printer which is under the co-working network ?

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How could I do the stuff with firewall ?

Client A is running on Windows 10, can't give you info about printer but for the example, let's say I want to ping the Printer or the laptop on the other network, can I ?

There's an option in most VPN clients not to route traffic to local IPs.

This should suffice.

So I should go to the firewall settings of my OpenWrt router > add a new rule in Traffic Rules.

Source : (Client A)
Destination : (Printer)

And doing it for each device under my local network ?

This is a place for vpn-policy-routing. Create a policy for packets to go via WAN instead of VPN. You will need to configure the IP of the printer manually on your PC(s) since printer discovery does not work between networks.