Access from Outside. How?

Hi ,

how can i access my to my files from outside my home network?

for example i want to stream my media content which is plugged as Usb Drive from outside.

need some ideas and thoughts.


A VPN is probably the most secure method. You can also look at using some media server software like plex and others.


Wireguard is a good VPN software, straightforward and has a web GUI available for easy OpenWrt setup.

And it now has a comparable Windows client called TunSafe - that you can install your own Wireguard configs into.

OpenVPN is another good option.

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is there any plugin in Luci webinterface?

A simple solution would be great , without loosing much time for config etc.?

It comes with luci-app-wireguard :slight_smile:

could someone guide me how to set the settings? I really want get working this.

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Have you installed it yet?

I see it in Luci. What are the next steps?

  • Make a private key for the new interface (you will have to use the command line - see:
  • make a private key for your peer
  • decide on numbering for the network
  • add new private key
  • create peer by adding it's public key
  • open the port on firewall for WG interface to receive inbound UDP
  • Add to a firewall zone