About OpenWrt as a Wired or Wireless DumbAP (relayd)

Refer to the openwrt wiki:

We could setup an openwrt router as a wired / wireless dumb AP, step-by-step, easy.
Remember: connect to your main router, cannot use both wired (Lan port) and WiFi client at same time.

  1. [WAN] port, you could add the WAN port into the "lan" interface, simple:
    [Network]-->[Interfaces]-->[Devices-Tab]-->[br-lan / Configure]-->[Bridge ports] nemu, tick the "wan" also.

  2. WiFi Bridge Setup (relayd), in the wiki guide,
    a - setup [Local IPv4 address] to the "static" LAN port IP address, Not the [wwan] IP from the main router.
    b - no need to setup [Use customer DNS servers] in the Advanced Settings.

Tested on my Xiaomi-4A gigabit router, if something wrong, please correct me.

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Is this just an how-to guide - or are you seeking help?

My listed 2 points, are differents with the wiki's setup method.

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