About kmod-TCP-BBR

Device:NanoPi R2S
openWRT Build:anaelorlinski`s openWRT (Version 20211224.0120) (Kernel Version 5.4.165)

I try to install Kmod-TCP-BBR on my device, and whenever I install, I get an error. I don't know how to fix it.

The kernel doesn't match the kmod, you need to use modules provided by the person who made the image.

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So I can't use the old version?
But Builder only has openWRT system and nothing else. What do I need to do?

They have to match.

Seems you're not using an official build - anaelorlinski, you should ask the maintainer, or switch to proper openwrt.

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The Official Build was a bit bug for me, so I had to use the Unofficial Build

Then you need to talk to the unofficial builder.

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