AAAA records for LAN clients

Hello, I am in the process of getting IPv6 running properly.
I now have a working IPv6rd setup with both IPv4 and IPv6. My ISP DNS servers are only IPv4, so I added
option dns '2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844' to /etc/config/network in order to use googles open DNS servers.
This works for hosts on the internet, but now I can no longer reach hosts on my lan with hostname.lan, When using DIG I get their IPv4 address in the A records, but no AAAA records when running dig -6 AAAA hotsname.lan but I get results both with dig -6 A hostname.lan and dig -6 AAAA
Does anyone know how to setup dnsmasq to serve AAAA records for the local hosts as LEDE does with IPv4.

Thank you for your help.

Did you place Google's servers on the clients, or in the LEDE settings?

Your LAN hostnames only exist in LEDE's DHCP server (dnsmasq). You must use LEDE's DNS server to resolve LAN names (this also means you cannot use DHCP Options to hand out other DNS servers)..

Just choose other DNS servers that return AAAA records, they can be IPv4 or IPv6. On WAN Interface's Advanced Settings, just uncheck "Use DNS servers advertised by peer" and add your own here. They can be IPv4 or IPv6.

I setup googles DNS servers on LEDE in /etc/config/network.
I know that LAN hostnames only exist in LEDEs DNS server, and other hostnames are resolved by the ISP's DNS servers and Google's servers.
LEDE now gives me both A records (IPv4 address) and AAAA (IPv6 address) for internet hosts, but only A records (IPv4 address) for LAN hosts.
I wanted to know if anyone knows how to activate AAAA records for LAN addresses ?
Also, there is no "Use DNS servers advertised by peer" setting on the WAN6 advanced settings, this only exists on the WAN (IPv4) advanced settings.

You place the settings on WAN, as I noted. Also they can be added under DHCP and DNS.

Have you created AAAA records for the LAN clients under the Hostnames menu?

Ok, so there is no separate setting to use the peer DNS servers for IPv4 and IPv6.
Nonetheless, it isn't the upstream DNS servers that are posing problem per se, it is more the AAAA records on the LAN to be served by LEDE's DNS server to the LAN.

I haven't configured any AAAA records under the Hostnames menu, but I haven't setup any A records either, but these work from the DHCP Hostname for IPv4, I now see that it's only written host under DHCPv6 leases.
I guess it it this I am looking how to configure so that LEDE's DNS server automatically creates AAAA records by deriving the DHCPv6 host and its IPv6 address, as it does with IPv4/A records for the lan hosts.

I tried adding them in Hostnames, and yes then it works. But I would like this to be done automatically from the DHCP hostname, as it is done with the IPv4 A records. Upon further inspection, I found that my Linux clients automatically get AAAA records, but not iOS or Mac clients, even though their Host name appears both in active DHCP and DHCPv6 leases section with their IP's.