A way to revert to "classic bootstrap" theme?

Hey friends, how are you doing.
First of all i'd like to say, i appreciate the work from all of you. I am using OpenWrt since 2008 and it has always satisfied my requirements.
Unfortunately i am now facing an issue. I think some people may not understand but i'll try to explain.
I have been using the 21.02 release for a while, and now compiled a new image. Now i see, bootstrap theme has been updated. Unfortunately i am having a slight form of color blindless, which makes it almost impossible for me to differentiate the diffrerent zone colors in the new theme.
Due to this issue i'd like to ask, is it possible to revert to the old theme, maybe installing the bootstrap theme from older releases? Or do i have to switch to a completely different theme?

Thanks in advance!

The bootstrap theme takes your browser light/dark settings by default.

But there are also new luci-theme-bootstrap-light and -dark variants.
You can select those from the Luci theme sekection menu.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I've tried the light one as well, also facing the same issue.
Here i've got the old one on my AP, the colors are more "bright". Is it possible to do the same for the new bootstrap theme?

It would likely require editing the theme by hand in the live router.

@jow knows better, but the theme colours were somewhat modified when the dark mode was introduced. The light/dark colouring was made mathematically symmetrical, which changed the normal light mode somewhat.

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