A tiny budget VPN box


I am looking for a device I could install OpenWRT and one or more (Tailsclae/Zerotier) VPN services to share a media server.

A) It has to have 2 Ethernet ports I have a WAN wired connection going to the TV and having that coper stability is great.
B) It has to be compact. Either a tiny device that could be powered by TVs USB or socket plugin device like eathernet over powerline devices with socket passthrough.

I do not think AES encryption is must because media would be streamed from server to client so encoding would happen on the server.

What would you recommend?

Nani Pi R4S

Does not ship to me

Which place in the world does Aliexpress not ship to?

Info on where you are, would probably help then...

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I am in Lithuania.
I checked amazon it does ship to me from there but the price is 80 EUR R2S +10 EUR shipping for 40 EUR model compared to listing on official site https://www.friendlyelec.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=282
That kind of price difference is a little rich for my taste.

Gl inet ar300m. Aes about 7M. Wireguard 60M. 2 100M ethernet ports. Usb powered 1A.

Hey this looks like a perfect option! Thanks.
NanoPi does look like much more capable option and I would prefer to have to for 10 EUR compared ar300m but not for 60 EUR difference.
If anybody has a any suggestions for any used devices still let me know. I will be working on this next week.