A question about dual mt7615 wlan hardware!

Hi guys, i just noticed that xiaomi r3p pro has 2 mt7615 wlan hardwares ( if i'm not wrong), does this mean that i can use both as 5ghz wifi? does anyone know any routers which has 2 5ghz wifi?

Usually, no.

Yes, the chipset (mac) could do more, but phy and external rf components (amps, bandfilters) are usually tuned to their target frequency band. Doing it this way is both easier/ cheaper and results in better signal quality.

As you see in the dts file, one of the two mt7615 is limited to 2.4 frequency range and the other to the 5 ghz frequency range.

is it limited by openwrt or manufacturer?

As slh mentioned, the real limitation is the hardware (amps, bandfilters), not the software, and that is done by the manufacturer.

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