A new theme designed for LuCI -- luci-theme-rosy

This project is open source at : https://github.com/rosywrt/luci-theme-rosy
The relevant feeds is : https://github.com/rosywrt/luci

Hello !
We made a new theme for LuCI, flat UI design, concise style. Matching colors with red and grey. Hope you will like it, thanks!



I like the menus on the left side and the "pastel" touch but as technical guy black and white suits me fine ;- )

Thats brings me to some other points: If openwrt/luci versions change you have to adapt? and second: How is it security wise if I include this feed I have to trust you, right?

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I am thinking about send a pull request to luci community.
By the way, it is quite security, and you can check the source at https://github.com/rosywrt/luci-theme-rosy and copy it in to official luci feed if you are familiar with openwrt engough.

I would change the theme name to Romy - La Rose as tribute to Romy Schneider which was born on a 23. September

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Good suggestions, thanks!

Great theme! Thank you, we need more;)

This shold help fill the void dark matter has left me with...

Can I report a bug I have found using this theme?

I'm sure everyone is waiting to hear about it...

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Sorry, I thought it would be polite to ask first.
Anyway, I've found that when there are a lot of options on the left panel the logout button will stay on top of some of them making it impossible to access some options.
It looks like it happens on cellphones and when using lower resolution monitors (1366x768)Screenshot%20(354)
Here is an example of it

Strange, on my S8+ I haven't noticed this issue but I suppose resolution is high so...

Would be great if I could just grab an IPK from somewhere instead of compiling the package.

Yes please! I don't have the equipment or knowledge to compile this for myself.

How install rosy theme.

Of course, please refer to https://github.com/rosywrt/luci-theme-rosy or https://github.com/rosywrt/luci,
It is strongly recommended that using this rosy theme on openwrt-18.06 branch.

Method 1 : Just copy https://github.com/rosywrt/luci-theme-rosy to any directory of openwrt/package/xxx, and make menuconfig.

Method 2 : replace original source link with https://github.com/rosywrt/luci for luci in file feeds.conf.default.

We has released a new version of rosy theme, it also fix the issue you shown in your photo. Thanks a lot for your report.

Hi all, here is the new released screenshot for V1.2. Thanks



I just tested and it worked flawlessly. Awesome job.

I can share my compiled ipk with you if you want.

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That would be awesome, thank you very much!
Linksys WRT32X v1
Package Architecture: arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3